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Central Coast e-Learning

The University of Newcastle

Short Courses

The University of Newcastle is offering several new online short courses to help people whose employment has been affected by COVID-19.  These courses are heavily subsidised under the government’s higher education relief package.  There are limited or no prior qualifications needed for entry into some of these courses and when you finish you may be eligible to apply for credit into selected undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  To find a course visit the University of Newcastle website 

 Integrated Innovation Network (I2N)

The University of Newcastle’s I2N is offering a range of webinars including

  • Creating Value in Uncertainty is a free webinar series that provides practical approaches and tools to help established business owners and managers explore, evaluate and execute opportunities that add or create new value for customers and their business in times of rapid change and uncertainty.
  • Join the Dots – Adapting to Change on Wednesday, 27 May, 5-7PM will dive into how businesses are adapting to change.  Hear from founders, employees and creatives and learn how they are adapting their strategies, processes and business models in these unprecedented times.

Central Coast Business Support Webinars

Outplacement… How can it help with those who no longer have work?

Coronavirus is all we read about these days, but the real news is the massive impact this has had on the economy. Many businesses are faced with that daunting decision of a restructure, which very well could mean losing employees for the sake of keeping the doors open. In this video, we hear from Geoff Crews – Managing Director of Forsythes Recruitment & HR about ‘Outplacement’, and how it assist business, and indeed the employees in these tenuous times. Geoff speaks some home truths about the challenges that so many organisations are facing, but also discusses the value a program/service like outplacement can really assist people who find themselves unemployed due to this economic downturn, and give them every opportunity of a successful transition into their next stage of life in work.


Making the right decisions about your staff during COVID-19

Kyle Scott, an Associate Director with the ‘Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors’, on making the right decisions with your staff in these tenuous times as the world deals with the economic challenge that COVID-19 brings.


Navigating the Stimulus packages for small business

Tricia Cotterell, Director at Fortunity Chartered Accountants & Financial Planners, on some of the big questions relating to qualification for the stimulus packages. If you haven’t already sought out advice from your professional advisor, this video will give you some good grounding to start this conversation with your own advisor.


NSW Government + TAFE

NSW Government and TAFE is offering a number of fee-free short courses that can be completed in just days or weeks, offering practical skills and experiences across a range of industries. Course topics include Administration Skills, Digital Impact, Health and Medical Knowledge, Leadership Performance, and Business Skills.


Global NSW is going digital: they are working to ensure exporters are still connected to their international markets and have up-to-date information and insights. They are also moving exporter capability and market information sessions online. Upcoming webinars are:

• India Market webinar: Wednesday, 27 May 3pm AEST: Register HERE.
• UAE/Middle East Market webinar: Wednesday, 03 June 3pm AEST: Register HERE.
• ASEAN markers webinar: Singapore and Vietnam: Wednesday: 10 June 3pm AEST: Save the date, registrations will be open soon.
• Rebuilding International Business Links and restoring confidence for NSW exporters: Wednesday, 17 June 3pm AEST: Register HERE.


CEDA Webinars

The Economists’ Corner features CEDA’s Chief Executive Melinda Cilento and Chief Economist Jarrod Ball in conversation, tackling the big issues and exploring some of the latest economic news and policy updates.

Episode 3: Special edition

On 12 March 2020 the Federal Government released its economic stimulus package to boost the economy in the face of Coronavirus. In this episode, CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento speaks with Deloitte Access Economics Head, Pradeep Philip while CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball speaks with ANZ Senior Economist, Cherelle Murphy break down the package and discuss what impact the measures will have. Listen to the podcast here for the full episode.


Mental health in a COVID-19 Australia | Dr Stephen King

Ahead of the release of the final Mental Health inquiry report being handed to the Australian Government, Commissioner Stephen King joined CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento to talk about the inquiry, what is needed for Australia’s mental health system to meet the requirements of all Australians such as prevention measures and data use, and the impact of crises like the Bushfires and COVID-19 on Australians’ mental health and what employers can do to support their employees in such times. 20/03/2020


Coronavirus: update, impact and facts

Australia has established an international reputation for weathering global shocks, highlighted by over 28 years of uninterrupted economic growth – longest period of recession-free growth for a developed economy. However, it is clear that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) represents a massive and unfolding international shock, that the OECD warns presents the biggest danger to the global economy since the financial crisis.

This event looks at the current and emerging impacts of the Coronavirus across sectors of the SA economy, the disruption to supply chains and importantly the effect on our strong relationship with China. 18/03/2020